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Tree Dollies

Nursery Dollies

Our dollies are made from welded steel to provide a reliable frame, yet are compact enough to provide maneuverability on loose gravel and narrow aisles. See our Trailer Flat Carrier page for larger flat Carriers.

Our FD-7 36" heavy duty dolly moves 1500 lbs.A third wheel provides balance for moving 36" boxes. Ideal for moving rocks and bolders with the cradle design.The dolly is 32"W and 72"H and has 16"H x 6.5" W highway tread tires.


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FD-1 Flat Dolly
Also available FD-2 8 Flat

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 6 Flats

 10" Pneumatic


 Shelves fold up individually for more flexibility.  1/2" steel rod, 7" between shelves.Flat free tires available

FD-3 15 Gallon

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 700 lbs

 4.8"x 8" Highway Tread


 Handles 15 Gallon Containers easily.Flat free tires available.

FD-4 24" Dolly

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 700 lbs

13 x 500 x6 


 Moves 24" boxes with ease. Ideal for deliveries or landscaping.

FD-5 24" Heavy Duty Dolly

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 1200 lbs

 4.8"x 8" Highway Tread


 Our most popular dolly is constructed with a heavy duty axle and is able to move extra heavy loads.Third wheel option available.

CH1 Can Handler

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 400 lbs



 Equipped with quick lock arm to handle 15 gallon cans or smaller. Available with flat free tires.

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